Imam Jafter Bin Muhammad (A.S.) is the 6th Imam shape the progeny of Prophet Muhammad (S. A.W.W.). he's identified extra through his name (Lakab) fc AL-SADIQ\ a number of motives were given as to why he has been singled out for this identify even though all of the Imams from the progeny of the Prophet have been truthful-AL SADIQ. Muhammad Khazri in tesAT-TASHRM i JL ISLAM! says: "Hazrat Abu Abdullah Jaffer Sadiq (A.S) got here of the Sayyeds of the Holy loved ones. He received the name of Sadiq due to his unchallengeable truthfulness." Batras Bustani inhis DAERATAK MAAREFVol VI. reaffirms this view.

Another factors is, there has been a necessity to tell apart him shape others who had the same identify and who had made fake claims to be the Imam of the time. through calling him AL-SADIQ, humans could differentiate him from the fake ones.

A 3rd clarification is that Allah, the Almighty, Himself selected this identify for him. The Prophet (S. A. W. W.) accordingly foretold the delivery of this Imam and gave him this name.

The most crucial factor to notice is that just like the Prophet (S.A.W.W.) who was once said to be honest i AL-SADIQ)

even through his avowed enemies, The Quraish of Mecca, equally Imam Jaffer Sadiq's truthfulness has been authorised perpetually

even by means of his enemies.

As for the identify Jaffei; by way of. Arabic lexicon, it simpK skill a circulate. yet in keeping with a few traditions. Jaffer is a distinct circulate in paradise. In view of the truth that Imam Jaffer (A.S) used to be to develop into a fountain head of information for one and all; he used to be given this identify by means of his father, the 5th Imam.

The 6th Imam is additionally identified via many different titles C1LQAB') that come with FAADHIL (the first-class one), TAHIR (the natural one), SAB1R (the sufferer one), QAEEM (the steadfast one) and MUSADDIQ (the ratifier).

Another distinctive factor approximately Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A.S) is, the Shia sect of Islam is called after him. therefore whilst humans speak of the

'madhab' of Abu Hanifa, of Ahmed Ibne Hanbal, of Malik bin Anas, of Imam Shafi, they speak of the madhab of Ahlul Bayt as madhab Jafferi.

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