A Pocket Guide to CSS3 Layout Modules

A Pocket Guide to CSS3 Layout Modules

Rachel Andrew, Owen Gregory, Nathan Ford

Author note: Owen Gregory (Editor), Nathan Ford (Editor)

In the previous few years we've seen a superb breakthrough in what we will in attaining with CSS – net fonts, gradients, shadows and media queries are actually a part of our daily toolkit.

CSS format itself, even though, has moved on little. builders have experimented with utilizing exhibit: desk and demonstrate: inline-block for structure, on the way to mitigate the constraints of layouts in accordance with absolute positioning and floats. but, those tools look as very like hacks as these they struggle to switch, and are available with their very own problems.

The way forward for CSS format seems a ways brighter. during this little e-book Rachel covers a number of the fascinating modules which are a part of the CSS3 specification. They promise a destiny the place we will lay out parts to a grid and simply in achieving the goals of equivalent peak columns or spreading content material lightly throughout a web page.

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