A Mind of Its Own: How Your Brain Distorts and Deceives

A Mind of Its Own: How Your Brain Distorts and Deceives

Cordelia Fine

"Provocative adequate to make you begin wondering your every action."―Entertainment Weekly

The brain's strength is proven and touted on a daily basis in new reviews and examine. And but we have a tendency to take our brains without any consideration, with no suspecting that these plenty of hard-working neurons would possibly not continually be operating for us. Cordelia high-quality introduces us to a mind we'd no longer are looking to meet, a mind with a brain of its personal. She illustrates the brain's tendency towards self-delusion as she explores how the brain defends and glorifies the ego by way of twisting and warping our perceptions. Our brains hire a slew of inborn mind-bugs and prejudices, from hindsight bias to unrealistic optimism, from ethical excuse-making to wishful thinking―all designed to avoid us from seeing the reality concerning the international and the folk round us, and approximately ourselves.

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