A Lonely Kind of War: Forward Air Controller, Vietnam

A Lonely Kind of War: Forward Air Controller, Vietnam

Marshall Harrison

From retired Air strength pilot Marshall Harrison comes a awesome memoir of aerial conflict in Vietnam. In his 3rd wrestle journey, Harrison chanced on himself “converted” from the excessive functionality international of jets to the awkward-looking OV-10 Bronco and assigned as a FAC—forward air controller. an enthralling story of valor, brotherhood, and patriotism unravels within the pages of A Lonely form of struggle, ahead Air Controller, Vietnam, a posthumous free up via this released writer via Xlibris.

Harrison is a born tale teller. there's pleasure, suspense, and humor during this account of the lifetime of a FAC. They have been a small staff of committed pilots flying frivolously armed prop-driven aircrafts in South Vietnam. thought of to be the eyes and ears of the assault airplane, their activity used to be to fly low and sluggish, locate, repair, and direct airstrikes opposed to an elusive enemy hid by way of the heavy rainforest and jungles, a space the FACs often called “the eco-friendly Square”. The flying scenes are riveting: studying to fly the maneuverable Bronco, clearing within the “fast-movers” to drop immense 750-lb bombs with out inflicting damage to the “friendlies” and accomplishing covert operation into Cambodia---“over the fence with the mad males within the eco-friendly beanies”. On this sort of mystery missions, he's shot down and spends a harrowing evening within the jungle.

FACs lived with the troops within the box and flew from unimproved airstrips; they nearly managed the aerial battlefields of South Vietnam. Their losses have been miraculous and so they frequently died on my own.

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