A Course in Lucid Dreaming

A Course in Lucid Dreaming

Stephen LaBerge, Lynne Levitan

this can be a publication used for the direction in Lucid Dreaming given on the Lucidity Institute. It's a pleasant resource for working towards lucid dreaming with history in real technology, it contains a lot of necessary courses, charts to trace your growth, and so on.

Some excerpts from the introduction:

Welcome to the Lucidity Institute's path in Lucid Dreaming. the aim of the direction is to train
you within the abilities required for having common lucid goals. it truly is applicable for those who have
not but had lucid desires, and if you are looking to have them extra frequently. [...]
The textbook is Exploring the area of Lucid Dreaming through Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold
Each unit will assign sections to learn from the booklet, yet you're welcome to learn forward when you like.
Many of the workouts within the direction also are provided within the e-book; notwithstanding, you need to stick to the
instructions given within the path fabrics, as they are going to be a bit of assorted. [...]
Each unit will contain a examining task, workouts to arrange you for training lucid dream
induction strategies, or practices for inside of lucid goals, and a self-corrected quiz to make sure that
you get the details within the examining. a number of the routines and strategies should be accompanied
by a desk or shape for recording your development. this can assist you specialize in the workout and provides you
feedback at the result of your efforts.

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