99 Reasons to Hate Cats: Cartoons for Cat Lovers

99 Reasons to Hate Cats: Cartoons for Cat Lovers

Tom Briscoe

99 purposes to Hate Cats is for cat fans - and those that be capable of simply peacefully coexist. you will discover your self and your cat (or cats) within the pages of this enjoyable, humorous sketch publication. It exhibits the various methods our tom cat neighbors could make us smile, snigger and be pushed a bit crazy.

Here are many of the lovingly documented purposes to hate cats:

Reason 12: Waking up within the morning ahead of you do
Reason 19: Thinking each can is filled with tuna
Reason 33: If you have been sufficiently small, they might consume you.
Reason fifty six: Throwing up in precisely the inaccurate spot
Reason 91: Every chair is the cat's chair

All of the explanations are encouraged by means of everyday life with actual cats. brief biographies of every of the tom cats who encouraged the paintings are integrated at the back of the book.

Each of the ninety nine purposes are amusingly illustrated with unique sketch artwork. the pictures are basic, expressive and entice old and young alike. Illustrations are proven in colour in your Kindle app (on iPhone, iPad and Android), Kindle fireplace and the Amazon Cloud Reader.

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