7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife: A Doctor Reviews the Case for Consciousness after Death

7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife: A Doctor Reviews the Case for Consciousness after Death

An uplifting examine of the clinical facts for the afterlife from an skilled anesthesiologist/intensive care health care provider

• information meticulously recorded and hospital-verified situations of near-death reports

• Cites clinical study on NDEs to refute the normal objections of doubters and materialists element through aspect

• Explores out-of-body stories, classes with mediums, digital communique with the deceased, and different indicators from the afterlife

Over the process his 25-year occupation as an anesthesiologist and extensive care health care provider, Jean Jacques Charbonier, M.D., collected 1000s of money owed of sufferers who lower back from scientific loss of life. throughout all of those accounts--from sufferers with tremendously diverse backgrounds--Dr. Charbonier discovered outstanding similarities in addition to undeniable evidence that those reviews have been greater than hallucinations. He surveyed different physicians, nurses, caregivers and stumbled on that their sufferers defined an analogous reports in addition to exhibited a similar confident existence modifications in a while. Igniting a systematic quest to benefit extra, he accumulated extra bills of near-death reviews in addition to out-of-body reviews, attended dozens of classes with mediums, experimented effectively with digital conversation with the deceased (EVP), interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people that have cared for the death, and collected numerous inexplicable tales of “signs” from the afterlife. With every one adventure he studied, he came across himself extra firmly believing within the survival of awareness past demise.

Dr. Charbonier distills his findings into 7 purposes to think within the afterlife, starting with the greater than 60 million humans around the world who've said a transcendent afterlife adventure. He refutes the normal objections of doubters and materialists aspect via aspect, mentioning medical learn on NDEs and the paintings of pioneers within the box of cognizance stories comparable to Raymond Moody and Pim van Lommel.

Drawing on meticulously recorded and hospital-verified circumstances, Dr. Charbonier explains that we must always no longer worry demise for ourselves or our household. by way of freeing our worry of dying, we will be able to appropriately arrange for “the ultimate journey.” As those that have lower back from demise demonstrate, dying is just a transition and its classes allow us to stay extra totally, peacefully, and fortunately within the now.

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